What Do Your Clothes Say About You?

          What Do Your Clothes Say About You?

It is true that this topic is by far one of the weirdest topics people discuss on this planet. If you think the topic is hilarious and absurd, you are very right. Just imagine that your favorite pajamas or your go-to sweatshirt actually says something about you and your personality.

This is to say that people can actually deduce the kind of person you are, by your pink pant trousers and your grey sweatshirt.

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It is weird and hilarious, right? Yeah, we guess so, and we also guess that a lot of people believe it is. But the truth is, the clothes we wear has a lot to do with our personality.

Research Supports It

Judging from what Dr. Baumgarter shared in her book titled "You Are What You Wear,” it is obvious that our choice of clothes says a lot about us to people, even much more than we can say ourselves.

Clothes And Perception

                           Dress From Jlorraine

Borrowing a leaf from Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner's hypothesis, there are some perceptions and vibes that some clothes send out. For example, if you are someone who finds it difficult to get rid of clothes, and you still wear clothes from four to five years ago, then it is possible that you have issues with moving forward.  There is every possibility you are still clinging to your past.

Also, if you are the type of human who wears revealing clothes a lot, what this means is that you are starved of the right kind of attention, and you crave it in another way, howbeit the wrong way. (This is not being judgmental)

In the same vein, if your clothes are all designers, it shows that you are might be a junkie for it, and you think you have to 'buy' people's attention and respect, by the designer labels you wear.

More so, when you dress in corporate wears every time, even during non-official hours, it means that you are a workaholic, and you think you deserve validation from people for that.

In addition to the above-mentioned hypothesis by Dr. Jennifer Baumgarter, there are other hypotheses about how the clothes we wear describe who we are.

If you are someone who buys the same color and designs of clothes, it means that you are guarded, you're not free-spirited, neither are you an open person. You don't give room to explore new things, and you might lead a boring life.

Also, if you are the type who indulges in outrageous colors, designs, and patterns, then it shows that you are older than a lot of people, you are confident, you are assertive, and you don't care for social and fashion norms. If you are the type of person who mixes colors, designs, and patterns, you are free, you are open-minded about life. You love to take up new adventures, and you don't lead a boring life. If your clothes don't synchronize, like you don't care about color combination and patterns, your life is disorganized.

What can be deduced from all of these, is that we should learn to critically analyze our clothes before we put them on.

Gone are the days we wear clothes simply to cover our nudity. Now, what we wear and how we wear them, manifests who we are, and what is going on within us.

This means that who you are, what you are, the kind of life you lead is reflected through your dressing and choices of clothes.

And it is advisable that we dress in clothes that will give people a better perspective about us.

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